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The Big World Gathering for Truth - News - 15 August 2007


All Crop Patterns (Since 2000) And Most 'Channeled' Messages On The Internet Are Now Created/Authored By NWO 'BlackOps' Operations And 'BlackOps' Operatives


Hey everyone. It's time to take your POWER back and stop sitting around waiting for the latest 'channeled' message and/or the latest crop pattern to appear.


Get out and about with thousands of leaflets telling people to search on the internet for '9-11 truth' and 'Chemtrails', etc. Let's get down to practicalities.


These phenomena - channeled 'spiritual' or 'ET' messages, and 'Crop Patterns' are now largely taken over by NWO 'Black' operations. My information is that Crop patterns have been completely taken over since the end of 1999.


However, you do NOT need to feel alone or hopeless.


Benevolent ET is making increasing numbers of appearances around the world. Have a look at the increasing number of videos at Google Video and YouTube of close sightings of craft of many different types all around the world.


We are most definitely NOT alone.


After sixty years cover-up of the existence of many civilisations of benevolent ETs (and some negative Aliens) appearing in our skies and having bases on Earth, the people who have carried out this massive cover-up have great means (money, technology, personnel, etc.) to try and continue this huge global mind game into the future.

"I finally figured out that the voices I was hearing

were coming from a top secret Navy Intelligence unit."

More here:

MOST 'Channeled Messages' Are From Negative Aliens Or From New World Order 'Black' Operations

More here:

NO Crop Patterns By Benevolent ET Since 1999 - NWO Take-Over of Crop Pattern Phenomenon


STOP BEING A SPECTATOR - TAKE YOUR POWER BACK - AND LETS GET DOWN TO SOME PRACTICAL WORK. Time and maximum effort are of the essence. Actually, ANY effort WILL help the world.



S.O.S. - The Planet And Humanity Are In Trouble



The Big World Gathering


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