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NO Crop Patterns By Benevolent ET Since The End of 1999

NWO Take-Over of Crop Pattern Phenomenon

In mid 1999, Isabelle Kingston, a clairvoyant and close friend of Colin Andrews, and myself, told me that she and other sensitives had been getting the idea or message that 1999 would be the last year in which the real makers of the crop patterns would make any further crop patterns.

Isabelle Kingston lives in Wiltshire, England, and has been featured in several books covering the subject of crop patterns.

In the early 1990s, it was clear there were forces around which were determined to undermine the public's interest in the phenomenon of crop patterns. It is said about these opposition forces that they either eradicate or take over anything which gives us hope. It seems it is highly possible that during the 1990s they were perfecting their own technology to be able to create impressive crop patterns by the use of stealth craft or from satellites.

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'Possibly No Authentic Crop Patterns Since 1999 -

Crop Pattern Phenomenon Completely Taken Over by New World Order from 2000'


'Space Based Weapons and Crop Patterns'

< Could Space Based Laser Weapons and Holographic Projections account for much of this phenomenon? I was just watching a You Tube clip and it was showing how some of the crop circles use illuminati symbolism and numerology. I think we need to be very careful and use our intuition to determine what is real and what is not .... >


By Michael Irving, August 2007

The nature of crop patterns has changed since around the end of 1999 and start of 2000.

Up to the end of 1999, most of the crop patterns which were authentic (as determined by several scientific tests) told a sensitive and profound story - such as laws and realities which some people call 'religious' and others call 'spiritual'; and simple and profound laws of mathematics and proportion; etc. After 2000, all crop patterns seem to be either: (1) elaborate but fairly meaningless graphic designs, or (2) symbols of dubious nature, such as masonic symbols, or (3) repetitions of old patterns.

The NWO infiltration of the crop pattern phenomenon began in the early 1990s. It is possible and probable that by 1999/2000, the NWO had sufficiently developed their own technology to be able to form crop patterns in much the same way as that employed by benevolent ET in the original and authentic crop patterns; by projecting a vortex beam of energy from stealth/cloaked craft overhead or from SDI/Star Wars satellites.


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