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13 UFOs Validate World Gathering For Truth

Whatever these 13 (12 lights, plus one unlit) objects are, they are drawing attention to 'going to low hills' and ' a hill with a beacon on the top'. This is precisely what the World Gathering For Truth 2000-2013 is about.


See the Santiago, Chile, video:

'Ovnis En Santiago' - 'UFOs In Santiago'


In this short video from Santiago, Chile, South America, the 12 (plus 1) aerial objects:

1) Gather Together  2) Head towards three, low hills

3) And towards a hill with a beacon on the top


Three stills from the video:

(a) 12 lights gathering together:

The 12 lights move from right to left, in the valley behind three low hills.

They then slow up, and take turns to head towards three low hills, and a hill just off camera to the right (see later) which either has a beacon on its top, or one of these aerial light objects on its top.



(b) Lights move, one by one, towards three low hills:

The lights take turns to head towards the beacon hill and the group of three low hills. Most of the lights fade out (red arrow) as they get near the centre of the three low hills, therefore drawing attention to the three low hills.


Compare the above video still with the main logo used by World Gathering:

Editor's note: There were a large number of craft-shaped clouds around when I took photographs in February 2007, of the three Eildon Hills in Scotland. I have many times been close to craft, especially a group of three discoid craft.



(c) A hill with a beacon on the top:

Finally, the video camera pans right from the three low hills, following an unlit craft.

There is either a beacon light of some kind on the top of this hill, or, one of the twelve unidentified lights, or an additional unidentified light, has stopped in line with the hill top or has stopped right at the summit of the hill.


By World Gathering, first posted on the internet on May 1, 2007:

"Meet with friends and contacts on the top of a favourite hill for the night of Saturday, 25th August 2007. Stay all night. Discuss the world situation .... Take powerful flashlights and make contact with other hilltops .... In the past, in Britain, warning beacons were lit on hilltops to let people know they were in danger. Well, we’re going to do that worldwide this year on the night of Saturday, 25 August."





Michael Irving, Scotland, British Isles

World Gathering and World-Action


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